Frequently Asked Questions


What is Skyline Hoops?

Skyline Hoops works with local organizations to create, promote and operate 3v3 basketball tournaments in Indianapolis.

Why did you start Skyline Hoops?

We want to bring joy and assistance to local communities in the form of 3v3 basketball tournaments. Most 3v3 tournaments are stand-alone events that a small group of people attend each year. We've played in several of these and can say that there are a lot of awesome events out there. The reason we started Skyline Hoops is because we want to join these events, along with new events that we create, to have a sort of "season" where prizes and bragging rights are on the line.

Why should i play in a Skyline Hoops Event?

All of our tournaments will have the same basic structure. Each team is guaranteed 3 games. There will be a free throw and three point competition. We will award prizes to tournament champs and runners-up as well as the free throw and three point competition winners. We will make sure that the event moves along at a quick pace. Concessions will be available and we will ensure a safe, fun atmosphere that provides a high-quality experience for any player. Also, a portion of the proceeds at our events will be going toward a local organization. Basically, we are offering a fun experience for anyone to play, and for a good cause.

How do i sign up?

Register here. All we need is an e-mail, captain's name, and team name. You can also register via our Facebook page or click on the buttons at the bottom of every page on our site to take you to the register page.

What if I don't have a team?

When you register, just put "Free Agent" as your team name and we will match you with other free agents.

When are your tournaments?

Generally, our 3v3 tournaments will be held on Saturdays. There may be some on Sundays as well. You can definitely count on them being held over the weekend. Days and times may vary, but check back every week or so on the upcoming events page to see what's next. Also, feel free to e-mail us at or add your e-mail to our newsletter list on the home page to get our monthly newsletter which details upcoming events.

What is Unique about Skyline Hoops?

Our tournaments will be part of a bigger "league" that has a season and an eventual champion. We will have "power rankings" that will be updated after every tournament and will showcase the best teams around the city. Also, we will be introducing "Skyline Points", which we will use to recognize and reward players who consistently participate in our events. We will also be taking lots of pictures and video at our events and will be detailing our event shortly after it takes place. 

Make sure to check back to our site after your event is completed and see what's new!

How can i find more info about Skyline Hoops?

Check us out on our Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.