Skyline Hoops: Indianapolis's 3v3 Hub

There's no better place for basketball than Indiana- basketball is close to religion here. It seems like every Hoosier watches basketball and most play or have played in the past. We are looking to serve Hoosiers in central Indiana by holding tournaments that promote healthy competition, reward players who play in our tournaments in a variety of ways, and make for a fun, safe, family-oriented community event.

We want the atmosphere of our tournaments to be inviting to all members of the community. We plan to hold our events in conjunction with high school basketball teams to benefit their programs. We will have free-throw and 3-point competitions that players of any age can engage in. We hope to involve local vendors who work so hard to benefit the communities in which they operate.

Our events that will reward our players in more ways than just trophies at the end of the tournament. We want to get to know the folks that are participating and find out how we can improve our events to their liking. Every tournament will have its own all-tournament team and MVP who will receive special prizes. We will continually analyze the teams who participate in our tournaments to form an always-changing list of power rankings. These are just a few ideas we have in store with many more to come.

Integrity and sportsmanship are values that we hold very highly in our organization. Fighting and general unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. We will have security to ensure that our events are a safe environment for all participants.

Our first event, The New Pal Classic, will be on June 25th at New Palestine High School (4485 S Victory Dr, New Palestine, 46163). Come join us this summer!